Bipolar Test

By far the most effective form of bipolar test for the diagnosis of bipolar disorder (manic depression) is to visit a trained mental health professional who will conduct a semi-structured interview called the SCID (Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV). This is basically a series of questions for making a Bipolar Disorder diagnosis, similar to a self administered test for bipolar but in a lot more detail.

If this is not available to you right now or if you are not yet ready to visit a specialist, then we provide a free online bipolar test that screens for bipolar disorder, that you can print out and complete in the comfort of your own home. Realising you may have a mood disorder can be a confronting situation and one of the reasons I recommend these self administered tests is that they allow you the time you need to get your head around the fact you may have Bipolar Disorder. And then, when your ready, you can take the next step.

This bipolar test is a form of psychological screening, where you complete a questionnaire asking direct questions about bipolar's symptoms such as depression or depressive episodes, manic behaviours, and other symptoms link to suffering from bipolar disorder.

This is not the only test available online. However, most of the Bipolar Tests readily availabe are of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) variety, designed by Robert M.A. Hirschfeld in 2000. This early test has recently been copyright, and in response, a newer more comprehensive self administered screening tool for Bipolar Disorder, for public use, has been developed, which is the one available right here.

I cannot stress enough that this test for bipolar should not be used as a replacement for, but in conjunction with, a professional diagnosis from a qualified psychologist. A positive result for Bipolar Disorder on this test should be an indication to visit a psychologist for a professional screening to ascertain whether indeed the test is correct and you have bipolar disorder.

The accuracy of this testing tool lies in your ability to answer these questions as accurately and honestly as possible. The test will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

Side Note:

One of the biggest problems with this form of self taken tests is that you may either overstate bipolar symptoms to worsen your situation, or potentially not reort a symptom at all in the hope that the problem will go away.Thus, these sorts of self-administered tests are a good measure of symptoms for bipolar disorder and should not be be used as the only form of diagnosis of a mental disorder.

It is in your best interest to fill out this questionnaire as truthfully and accurately as you possibly can.

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